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What are the advantages of choosing waterjet cutting as opposed to other traditional cutting & tooling methods?

Our waterjet cutting provides extremely accurate cuts,with a high degree of repeatability,
over a wide range of materials and shapes. We can cut complex shapes, detailed corners and
near-net parts with linear accuracy of + or - .005 inch. This can reduce or eliminate secondary operations, saving you time and money.


Because our waterjet cuts at room temperature, there is no heat-affected zone, thermal stress, hardening or annealing to your material. Since there is no tool-to-part contact, mechanical
stress, shredding, crushing and other surface damage is eliminated.


Our waterjet cutting can provide you with numerous machining and cutting processes all in one operation. This can reduce or eliminate secondary operations for you, saving you both time and money. Our waterjet performs: cutting, blanking, slitting, sawing, punching, profile milling, drilling and gear cutting.

Above - we are cutting 1" thick BR1000 Bullet resisitant polycarbonate


Our waterjet cutting leaves a smooth, satin-like
finish on your material. Minimal or no burr
remains. Parts can often be used immediately,
reducing and / or eliminating secondary
operations. This also saves you time and money.